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High elastic oil resistant rubber sheet

Characteristics of high elasticity oil-resistant rubber board:

(1)High quality, tear - resistant, wear - resistant shock absorption

(2)Soft performance, anti - aging

(3)A variety of colors are produced in custom sizes

Products Description

Oil-resistant rubber board with rubber as the main material (can contain fabric, metal sheet and other reinforcement materials), made by curing a certain thickness and large area of the sheet products, referred to as rubber board.

It can be divided into pure rubber rubber plate, cloth, metal frame layer rubber plate and other varieties; According to the use can be divided into industrial rubber board and rubber floor; According to the color can be divided into red, black, white, green oil resistant rubber board.

It has high hardness and general physical and mechanical properties. It can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of 0~+60℃.

It is made of mixed rubber by pressing or extruding, curing by plate vulcanizing machine or continuous vulcanizing by drum vulcanizing machine. Color: black, gray, green, blue, etc.

It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and building ground and other aspects. Used for sealing apron, rubber pad, door and window seal and laying table and floor.