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Five-bar non-slip rubber board

Functions: anti - slip, wear - resistant, multi - color, customized production.

Suitable place: it is suitable for the ground laying of hotels, hotels, gymnasiums, conference halls, gyms, kitchens, warehouses, toilets, etc., with anti-slip, fitness, beauty and protection functions.

Products Description

Features: good physical and mechanical properties, excellent insulation properties, can work in dry -35~+100℃ air dielectric coefficient requirements of high environment. It passed the test of 43KV and worked normally in the state of 660V. It is widely used in substation, power plant, distribution room, laboratory and field live work. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, and more than 20cm off the floor and walls. Avoid acid, alkali and oil pollution, do not open to prevent direct sunlight. With medium pressure, good wear resistance, impact resistance, anti - aging, waterproof, anti - slip, anti - seismic performance and better