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Tianjin Jiutian Brave Rubber Products Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Jiutian Brave Rubber Products Co.,Ltd is located in tianjin, adjacent to Beijing and hebei, with developed transportation, convenient transportation, superior geographical location and favorable economic development environment.

Its production base is located in hejian development zone, cangzhou city, hebei province, China. It covers a wide area and has a large number of employees.


       Products are widely used in the fire, power generation, urban central heating, 

       construction, petroleum, chemical, vehicles,  ships, air conditioning, metallurgy, 

        machinery manufacturing and other industries, 

       the products sell well more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, 

       favored by the majority of users.


Company take the customer as the objective, taking high-new technology as the forerunner, to keep advanced  technology with the industry synchronization development, strict product quality, make our products sell well all over the country provinces and autonomous regions, the company adhering to the reliable, rational and strategic thought of sustainable development, and adhere to the pioneering and innovative, advanced manufacturing, integrity, pragmatic, 

Relevant personnel of our company have gone to Alibaba headquarters to study, listen to some courses related to e-commerce, listen to leaders in the airline industry to share successful experiences, and have a deep understanding of the needs and growth path of e-commerce buyers. In order for our company's personnel to learn better things, the company will organize their staff to carry out training in an orderly manner. Learn more about the development of e-commerce and consult relevant professionals. And together to the front.

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