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How to classify oil resistant rubber sheet? What is the standard? What is its performance?

Jan. 04, 2021

Tianjin Jiutian Bowei rubber products Co., Ltd., a rubber sheet manufacturer, introduces the standard of oil resistant rubber sheet and how to classify it?

The oil resistant rubber sheet produced by our company is mostly suitable for oil resistant diesel workshop and other places. The oil resistant rubber plate can be used to make seals and sealing products. If the oil resistant rubber plate contacts with the oil medium for a long time in the use process, the oil can penetrate into the rubber and cause its swelling, resulting in the decrease of the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber. Oil resistant rubber plate also has ordinary oil resistant rubber plate, butyl rubber plate, which belong to oil resistant rubber plate, its oil resistance is not the same, good oil resistant rubber plate can be soaked in oil substances, its oil resistance will be better, compared with ordinary rubber plate, oil resistant rubber plate performance will be better. If you have any questions about rubber sheet, please feel free to consult us. We serve you wholeheartedly

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