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The use of flame retardant and antistatic rubber plate and precautions!

Jul. 07, 2020

Flame retardant and antistatic rubber board can be understood as both flame retardant and antistatic.

The products of flame retardant rubber plate can be used for punching various high oil resistant, flame retardant, high temperature resistant and corrosive seals, sealing rings, cylinder membrane sleeves, aerospace and aviation fields.

The characteristics of the product are very good in delaying ignition, reducing the flame propagation speed and self extinguishing when leaving the flame.

Anti static rubber plate anti static rubber plate also known as anti-static rubber pad, anti-static rubber. It can be used for laying floor and worktable or punching washer in microcomputer room.

The product features bright colors, good wear resistance, excellent antistatic and conductive properties. The anti-static index is 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 9 ohm, and the static conductivity index is 10 ^ 1-10 ^ 6 ohm.

Can produce customized product thickness width color length and quality parameters requirements.

Conventional thickness can be divided into: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and other specifications

Color can be divided into: black, red, green, blue and other colors can be customized.