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The manufacturer of insulating rubber sheet introduces the precautions and application occasions of insulating rubber sheet in the use process!

Jun. 28, 2020

Precautions and use occasions of insulating rubber plate in use!

With the rapid development of modern industry, the use of rubber plate is gradually increasing. Insulating rubber plate is a very common rubber plate in rubber plate, which is also widely used.

The insulating rubber plate can be divided into:

We can produce various kinds of rubber plates, such as black insulated rubber plate, red insulated rubber plate, green insulated rubber plate, blue insulated rubber plate, gray insulated rubber plate and so on,

According to the thickness, the insulating rubber plate can be divided into:

Its thickness is also varied: 1mm ~ 50mm.

According to the voltage level, the insulating rubber plate can be divided into:

According to the voltage level, it can be divided into: 5kV 10kV 15kV 20kV 25kV 35kV.

Application of insulating rubber plate:

Insulating rubber plate is widely used: it can be laid on the ground, insulated in the distribution room, used in factories, electronic factories and other occasions,

Precautions for insulating rubber plate in use:

When using the insulating rubber plate, it should be noted that there should be no harmful substances on the ground, and the surface should be flat, so that the service life of the rubber plate will also increase.