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Black industrial rubber sheet

Features: insulation, anti-slip, oil resistance, wear resistance

Color: black, red, green (can be customized)

Size, thickness and length can be customized.

Products Description

With the development of our society are rubber sheet, in our life has been very widely used, especially in many places are used to it, is also very many different kinds of rubber sheet, industrial rubber sheet is one of them, we were in the production of industrial rubber sheet, adopted the advanced technology and perfect craft, it USES the rubber as the main raw materials, through made by sulfide, has certain thickness and larger area of sheet products, is what we call rubber sheet. Rubber sheet in our use of the construction industry it is very important to have the path of the rubber products, in addition to its strong vitality, in our buildings, now many buildings will adopt concrete slab, if spread rubber plate on the floor, can reduce the effect, and also help improve the quality of the service life of the floor, so it has been very widely used in our life, with the development of our society is the use of rubber sheet, is very important, it can meet the needs of different corporate life.