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Green acid and alkali resistant rubber board

Concept: acid and alkali resistant rubber plate refers to the rubber plate which is not easy to expand, shrink, soften or brittle in acid and alkali medium.

The working medium is dilute acid, dilute lye or strong acid, strong alkali and other chemicals. It is generally made of NR, CR, EPDM and fluoro rubber. Used as acid and alkali resistant lining, liner and apron, etc.

Products Description

Production process of acid and alkali resistant rubber board:

We in the production of acid and alkali resistant rubber board from the formula design, mainly raw rubber varieties, vulcanization system and filler varieties and dosage. High tensile strength formula, should use natural rubber, neoprene rubber and other crystalline rubber or chlorosulfonated polyethylene, etc., containing the rubber rate of about 60%. Also should choose the active good filler (such as carbon black, carbon black), and make it in the mixing to disperse evenly. When using active filler supplement, its dosage should be appropriate. The tensile strength is related to the structure of the rubber. When the amount is small, the secondary strength of the intermolecular interaction is small. Therefore, when the external force is greater than the intermolecular interaction, the intermolecular sliding will occur and the material will be destroyed. On the contrary, the molecular weight is large, the intermolecular force increases, the glue cohesion increases, when the chain segment is not easy to slip, so the destruction of the material is small. All other factors that affect intermolecular forces have an effect on tensile strength.