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Roller coated rubber plate

Rubber-coated roller is an important part and component of belt conveying and transportation system. The rubber-coated roller can effectively improve the running condition of the conveying system, protect the metal roller from abrasion, prevent the conveyor belt from slipping, and make the roller and the belt run synchronously, thus ensuring the efficient and large-volume operation of the belt. The rubber-coated roller can also effectively prevent the sliding friction between the roller and the belt, reduce the material adhesion on the roller surface, and thus reduce the deviation and abrasion of the belt.

Products Description

Widely used in steel, metallurgy, coal, cement, power generation, chemical fertilizers, grain depots, ports and other industries. Cold vulcanization drum encapsulation Cold vulcanization roller coating adopts on-site cold coating technology, which has the advantages of convenient on-site construction, high bonding strength, fast vulcanization speed and long service life. Roller rubber plate adopts corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant rubber plate, which is compact in material, high in rubber content, excellent in wear resistance, tensile resistance and tear resistance, and its service life is generally 5-8 times that of the same type of rubber.