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Rubber board for overpass

Cross street overpass with rubber board its characteristics

(1)It has good wear resistance

(2)In rainy days can play the role of anti - slip, good aging resistance

Products Features

Rubber plate specifications and production technology, rubber plate using range widely, according to the different working conditions of the use of the choice of different rubber sheet, and the use of different environment and actual requirements, the process also can choose different, such as the construction technology of rubber sheet for cooked rubber sheet or the vulcanized rubber sheet, using the environment temperature is too high case, general adoption of vulcanization vulcanizing pot hot vulcanization rubber sheet, improve the heat-resistant performance of rubber sheet, about the rubber plate construction conditions and the operating mode requirement, especially for some of the more practical techniques, especially for mining and power plant overhaul time is shorter, higher requirements for rubber abrasion conditions, The field cold adhesive technology is studied deeply. Overpasses our company produce rubber sheet is very good a product, it can have the effect of different among different areas of the us, especially in our construction industry, can see our products in the pedestrian bridge, the effect is very obvious, for our life brought a lot of help.