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Steel wire rubber plate

Steel wire rubber board: wear-resistant rubber board, good wear-resistant solid effect

According to the requirements of the production of demand

Clamp line rubber board: one side light one side cloth grain, or two sides light, two sides cloth, generally add nylon cloth, clip steel wire, clip fiber and so on.

Products Description

Specification: thickness: 2.0mm~50mm; Width: production customization;

Parameters: tearing force: 20Mpa; Hardness: 70°±5°;

Properties: high pressure, strong tensile force, small deformation, waterproof, shock proof, sealing, etc.

Usage: mainly used in the environment with high requirement for strong force and in the place with good tension, resistance to flexion, good elasticity and high resistance.

Clamp rubber plate with medium pressure, a strong tensile strength. Can punch the sealing ring, gasket.