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Non - slip thermal insulation mat for livestock and poultry

● Tensile strength: 2.5Mpa

● Wide: 1220mm

● Length: 1830mm

● Thickness: 12mm, 17mm

● Size: 1220 x 1830mm* x 12mm, 1220 x 1830 x 17mm


Application:for cow breeding

Other characteristics:non-slip

● Thickness: 12mm, 17mm.

● Length:1830mm

● Width: 1220mm

● 1830 x 1220 x 12mm / piece ( 32Kg / Unit ).

● 1830 x 1220 x 17mm / piece ( 46Kg / Unit ).

Products Description

Characteristics of pig house mat, livestock mat, cow mattress and rubber cow bed:

The surface of the product has a uniform distribution of irregular protrusion, play a role in anti-slip massage; The surface is with holes to increase the friction with the ground, at the same time can remove the sewage in time, keep the pig shed, cowshed, stable dry. The products are anti - slip, cool, heat insulation, easy to clean, easy to replace, health, epidemic prevention characteristics. The product has no peculiar smell, elastic when pressed and durable. When pigs, cows, horses and other animals lie up or shift to move, the phenomenon of skidding and falling due to feces failed to *** in time often occurs, and serious people can't afford to lie down for a long time due to sound fall. In view of this situation, our company has developed products including massage, fall prevention, disease prevention, cooling and hygiene, which are popularly known as rubber pigsty MATS and cow mattresses.