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Special rubber plate for cow and horse shed mat

● Tensile strength: 2.5Mpa

● Wide: 1220mm

● Length: 1830mm

● Thickness: 12mm, 17mm

● Size: 1220 x 1830mm* x 12mm, 1220 x 1830 x 17mm


Application:for cow breeding

Other characteristics:non-slip

● Thickness: 12mm, 17mm.

● Length:1830mm

● Width: 1220mm

● 1830 x 1220 x 12mm / piece ( 32Kg / Unit ).

● 1830 x 1220 x 17mm / piece ( 46Kg / Unit ).

Products Description

Necessity of rubber insulated cowshed mat:

Generally, the place where livestock stay is slippery, so the main function of rubber cowshed mat is anti-skid and comfortable, ordinary cement floor slippery easy to make cattle fall, so now most people use cowshed insulation mat.

Characteristics of cowshed mat insulation pad;

Cowshed mat with heat insulation, moisture-proof, non-slip, easy to clean, easy to clean and other characteristics

Cow and horse shed mat has medium hardness, good toughness, good elasticity, good wear resistance, colleagues also have anti-skid effect. Its function is easy to clean, beautiful and durable. The cow mattress has the properties of heat insulation, cold prevention, moisture prevention and good performance.